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Nowadays, daily needs can be fulfilled much faster and easier due to the increasing internet use and digitalization. Roombadi, which was established to solve the problem of accommodation, which is one of these needs, is an application that attracts attention with its innovative system that appeals to everyone who says "I am looking for a roommate".

Find Your Roommate Quickly with Roombadi!

Roombadi, which helps to find a roommate or a house by quickly posting ads, stands out as a recently developed roommate application. Roombadi, observing market conditions with its young and dynamic team, and focusing on finding a home, which has become a major problem recently, helps users find the most suitable living spaces for them, despite the ever-increasing prices. Roombadi, which can be downloaded completely free of charge from the Google Play Store or AppStore, allows users to communicate with each other by posting roommate advertisements, thus aiming to solve the accommodation problem.

Roombadi, implemented recently, can also be expressed as a roof that gathers those who want to find an affordable house. Roombadi, which is a great alternative for those who have difficulty paying the rent or finding an affordable house, aims to be one of the most popular choices for those who want to share their expenses as a landlord or who want to reduce their expenses by sharing the house rent.

Post Your Free Roommate Ad Now!

The number of daily active users in the application, which mediates more than 2 thousand messages per day, is increasing day by day. By staying in the application for about 15-20 minutes, users reach the landlords and those who are looking for a roommate, and communicate with each other, thus solving the problem of finding a roommate who shares the rent.

The application, which has a free membership system, also does not charge any fee for advertising. This helps users easily find potential housemates and choose based on their reliability score in the app. In addition, the application offers convenience for non-members. Accordingly, it is possible to browse the application and view the advertisements without membership. It is very easy for those who want to communicate with the other party to join the platform by taking advantage of the instant membership steps.

Fill Your Profile & Match With The Right People With Artificial Intelligence!

Roombadi is a platform that is still under development and allows users from around the world looking for a house or roommate to message each other. Roombadi, which has emerged as a result of increasing housing costs, expenses, and rents around the world, makes it easier for those looking for a roommate to filter different options. Users who complete their membership process in a few simple steps can start searching for ads using the search filters on Roombadi. Filters include basic information such as location, number of floors, and number of rooms, as well as additional attributes such as smoking and pets. Therefore, it is possible for those looking for a house and roommate to be matched with the ads and people that exactly meet their needs.

Don't Decide on a Roommate Without Chatting!

Roombadi, which plans to expand to Europe and America after Turkey, is now used in all 81 provinces of our country and its audience is increasing day by day. Thanks to the artificial intelligence supported algorithm in the application, you can also analyze your accommodation needs and receive notifications about matching ads as soon as possible. All you have to do for this is to download the Roombadi Find Roommate application, which is completely free, and complete the membership process. Afterward, you can find the advertisements that interest you and contact the other party and you can easily have the living space of your dreams!